Hi! My name is Annemarie,

I provide Pelvic Work for women. For 15 years I've worked as a physiotherapist specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction. I've completed a five year post-graduate training in haptotherapy and several extensive trainings in bodywork, trauma, sexuality and pelvic health. Currently I am doing a masters degree in Clinical Epidemiology (medical research). I blend my knowledge and skills to help women cultivating the relationship with their body and increase their aliveness, radiance and creativity!

Medical background


From 2000 until 2015 I worked as a physiotherapist. I focussed on preparing pregnant women for birth and getting them fit and healthy again after. Treating pelvic-floor-dysfunction was the core of my work. I have seen hundreds of women specifically for problems involving the pelvic floor and sexuality.


About 46% of women experience pain during sex and 26% have difficulty reaching orgasm. These problems are (amongst other factors) related to tension patterns in the pelvic space and the (in)ability to be present in the body. The body has a memory for emotions and experiences. They are stored in the body as tension- and movement patterns in our neural pathways. Many women I see have disconnected from their pelvic space. We are conditioned out of feeling our vagina's. I believe that shame around sexuality is a big contributor to this. Bringing awareness and relaxation to this area in an open and down-to-earth way can provide an answer. I stopped working as a physiotherapist in the beginning of 2016 because I strongly believe we need to look further then the technical layer of the 'object' body to come to deeper understanding of symptoms.

In 2012 I completed a 5 year training to become a licensed haptotherapist*.  Haptotherapy addresses the 'experiencing body'. In haptotherapy I learned how important it is to not just treat ‘the dysfunction’, but to see the person as a whole (to heal literally means, to become whole). Connection and touch are central elements in this therapy that we use to discover how your body is translating what is going on in your life and your being. In all the sessions I so, I involve these teachings that are an important fundament of my work. I am a registered GZ-Haptotherapist and parts of my work can be insured as such by healthcare insurance (check your provider).


Pelvic Work for Women

In 2011 my son was born, and I myself went through a phase of feeling uprooted in my life. Whilst pregnant, I spent 9 months connecting to my baby with my hands on my belly, but after delivery my total focus was on caring for my child. My belly became an empty place. I was busy caring and living up to my own high standards of motherhood, combined with work and a busy social life. I had disconnected from myself and had stepped out of my centre. This expressed itself in my sexuality too in a general sense of dissatisfaction. My own process lead me to explore my femininity and sexuality.  

In 2017 I have completed the training Holistic Pelvic Care ™ in Portland Oregon. A healing modality developed by Tami Lynn Kent, working in the pelvic bowl with thousands of women. This method focusses on restoring resonance in the pelvic bowl. This can be structural (fascial release and organ alignment), emotional (stored emotions, re-imprinting patterns of trauma) and also spiritual (working with lineage in mother/fatherline, birth-energy, traumatic birth/loss). Every woman can benefit from this work (especially post-partum mom's) At this moment I am very proud and honored to be one of only few providers in Europe and part of a group of deep and beautiful Holistic Pelvic Care™ providers also referred to as Vagina Whisperers. For more information I can recommend you to read Tami's book: Wild Feminine.

Next to this, I am also an advocate for the work of Saida Desilets, the founder of the modern jade egg movement. Her books and video's are a great resource and I can highly recommend her online programs. Above link is an affiliate link.

It’s my Pleasure

In 2017 Laetitia de Haas and I founded It’s my Pleasure.
It’s my Pleasure is a (Dutch) online platform where women can explore their sexuality. We developped several online programs: SelfPleasure, Intimate SelfMassage and Happy Hormones. We have been creating and holding digital space for deep healing and transformation. Around 600 women have trained with us www.itsmypleasure.nl

Combining tools from these different fields of work, I found a vocation in supporting women in their process of reconnecting to themselves. With each new step, a new stepping stone seems to arise. New connections and opportunity's arise in flow. I believe the universe accepted me on the job ;-) and I am deeply grateful.

Hug & Love

As haptotherapy is founded and based in The Netherlands and France, little is written on the subject in English, however, some information is found on the webpage of The International Journal of Haptonomy & Haptotherapy (www.ijhh.org).