About me

As a professional women’s health practitioner, speaker and facilitator, I am passionate about showing women how they can create the life they love, from the inside-out. Over the course of 20 years, in my work as a Physical Therapist, Haptotherapist, and Holistic Pelvic Care™ Provider, I have supported over a thousand women in cultivating a healthier relationship with themselves and their bodies.

With this expertise I have co-created It’s my Pleasure. A Dutch online platform and community. In online training programs we invite women to explore the landscape of their pelvis and sexuality. My personal aim is to empower women to experience true fulfillment and satisfaction in every area of their lives, beginning with the relationship they have with their own body. 

Currently, I’m adding to my already vast experience and expertise by becoming a medical researcher. I have taken on this quest to further unroll my mission in the field of women’s health: creating optimal health and pleasure by working in synergy with the body’s wisdom and the latest, cutting edge medical research. 


Medical background

- Physical Therapy, Amsterdam University of Applied Science (2000) (non-practicing)
- Licensed Haptotherapist, Post-Graduation, Academy of Haptonomy (2012)
- Holistic Pelvic Care™ Provider, Tami Kent, Portland Oregon (2017)
- Masters Degree in Clinical Epidemiology, University of Amsterdam (expecting to receive master degree in 2020)


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From 2000 until 2015 I worked as a Physical Therapist (PT). I specialized in preparing pregnant women for birth and treating problems involving the pelvic floor and sexuality. I worked with women mainly focussing on restructuring the physical form and function of the female pelvis. 

Although I saw a lot of improvement, overtime I came to see that traditional Physical Therapy was insufficient as a holistic treatment. I was focussing on healthy function, not necessarily on deeper healing. I realized we need to look further than the functional 'object' of the body and to come to a deeper understanding of the symptoms and that what lies beneath.


After my son was BORN my belly became an EMPTY SPACE.

In 2011 my son was born and I, myself, went through a phase of feeling uprooted. Being pregnant, I spent 9 months connecting to my baby after which my total focus was on caring for my beautiful child. However, being busy as a caretaker and living up to my own high standards around work, life and motherhood, gradually I disconnected from myself and my centre. As a result, the space in my belly started to feel empty.

Although reluctant to admit, I started to struggle with pelvic floor dysfunction myself—still leaking urine two years after giving birth. "Me! An expert!” This was a humbling experience for me which, in the end, deepened my own understanding of the pelvic bowl. It made me realize how deep healing requires more than just physical support.


HELPING women live from the INSIDE-OUT

In 2012, I finished a 5-year post-graduate training to become a Haptotherapist. My earlier sense that focusing only on function is insufficient was affirmed, and I discovered that many functional-issues are related to tension patterns in the pelvic space and the (in)ability to be present in the body (and in life).

Over the course of time, I started to work with more and more women feeling disconnected from their pelvic space. I learned that shame around womanhood and sexuality is a big contributor to our internal sense of disconnection. 


I STRUGGLED with my relationship and SEXUALITY

The struggles I experienced combining motherhood, finding meaning in my work, and being a woman in the world also expressed itself in my own relationship and sexuality. A distant sense of dissatisfaction in that area made sexuality something essential to re-connect with. 

I started following workshops in spiritual-, conscious- and tantric sexuality. Although initially they felt very liberating, after practicing tantra for many years, I experienced how some ‘de-conditioning’ trainings around femininity, shame, and sexuality, actually were ‘re-conditioning’ and re-shaping my ideas in somewhat the same way. I felt I needed to go even deeper within myself to step away from any preconceived ideas about sexuality. 



As women we often move through life by the programming of family, school, community and culture. Like in my own case, this left me leading a life from the outside-in instead from the inside-out. 

To turn this around, I had to look beyond my previous knowledge and experience. By listening to my own inner guidance I co-created It’s my Pleasure, together with a dear friend and ‘partner-in-shine’ Laeticia de Haas. It’s my Pleasure is a breeding ground for women to learn, share and get inspired about sexuality and other intimate topics.



In 2017, I became certified in Holistic Pelvic Care™, an integrated healing modality developed by Women’s Health-Visionary Tami Lynn Kent.

Holistic Pelvic Care™ focuses on restoring resonance in the pelvic bowl which can be structural (fascial release and organ alignment), emotional (stored emotions, re-imprinting patterns of trauma), and spiritual (working with lineage in mother/fatherline, birth-energy, traumatic birth/loss). At this moment I am proud to be the only registered Holistic Pelvic Care provider in The Netherlands.


Ongoing EVOLUTION, reconnection to SCIENCE

The beginning of my journey into health and healing was all about function. Over time I discovered that health is all about integration—physically, emotionally, spiritually and also sexually. Today, as a holistic practitioner, I bring all these pieces together. Currently I find joy in rekindling my flame with ‘the mind’, with knowledge, with wisdom and the incredible source of information that can be found in research. 

I am very excited to be a medical researcher (clinical epidemiologist) in training. Having access and skills to re-shape and deepen what I offer. Holistic and Realistic. Drawing from both the intuitive whispers of the body and the wealth of cognitive information encoded in research. 


An apprentice to the FEMALE  BODY

My current work is a true embodiment of lived experience and expertise. Synergistically bringing all the pieces together. I feel I am a true apprentice to the female body—both my own and that of others. With my unique perspectives and interests I hope to contribute to the field of Women’s Health & Sexuality.

If we have the pleasure of working together, in person or online, I’ll invite you to tune in and listen to the whispers of your own body. To go beyond the demands of your busy life to find out what really moves you, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To dive beneath the pattern of our cultural ‘training’ and to take up an apprenticeship to your own inner authority and expertise. So that you too, the like more than thousand, women I’ve supported over the past 20 years, can know the pleasure and fulfillment of coming home to your own body.