We are embodied beings experiencing the world and our connections through the body and senses.
— Annemarie

Haptonomy is the science of human connection. Through Haptotherapy we work on re-establishing your body awareness and a sense of touch and connection.

Today, in a world where effectivity is valued over affectivity, disconnection from our senses is a big (and underestimated) problem. Our human sense for touch and connection is deeply intelligent—consider it our most important compass. In Haptotherapy we call this intelligence ‘hapsis’.

THROUGH Haptotherapy I can help you with:

- Connecting to your body
- Feeling more, thinking less
- Establishing a felt connection with your core, your pelvis, your femininity
- Trusting yourself and your feelings
- Find a lust for life
- Enjoy intimacy and sexuality
- Transitioning to other life-phases (study, work, motherhood, menopauze)
- How to better deal with loss and grief
- How to better deal with stress and burn-out
- Create vitality and resilience
- Build meaningful relationships


Through conversation, experiential exercises and affective bodywork and touch, you can come back to your senses. By learning to trust your feelings and listen to the signs of your body (whether it is fear, anger, loss, sadness, happiness, or love), you can find your inner resonance. This way you create a life that supports your vitality, from the inside out.