Hi, I am Annemarie Reilingh.

I am passionate about showing women how to create a life they love from the inside out. As a Certified Haptotherapist and Holistic Pelvic Care™ Provider, I help women to experience pleasure and wisdom in their bodies—physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. 


Over time I discovered that health is all about integration—physically, emotionally, spiritually and also sexually. Today, as a holistic practitioner, I bring all these pieces together.
— Annemarie




Holistic Pelvic Care™ is an integrative treatment modality with a deep understanding of the core of a woman’s equilibrium: her pelvis. In this therapy I asses the physical pelvic floor, while also working with emotional and intergenerational aspects. By doing this we restore the balance in the pelvis, which can help healing symptoms as urinary loss, prolapse, painful sex, a lack of vitality, or an inability to enjoy intimacy and sexuality.



Inner awareness, connection and embodiment through touch is what Haptotherapy is about. An imbalance between ‘what you think’ and ‘how you feel’ has a far greater impact on your life than you realize. They both are important guiding systems to your overall happiness and health. As a Haptotherapist, I use the skills of touch, connection and experiential therapy to help you to come back to your ‘senses’. By learning the language of the body, you can reestablish dynamic vitality in your life. 


Hormonal Health

Many of the issues I see as a women’s health practitioner can have root in hormonal imbalance. Few women know, that fear, depression, feeling down, pelvic issues, pain and discomfort during sex can be also caused by a disbalance in hormones. I believe in these cases therapy alone does not address the underlying issues sufficiently. It does not provide the results as expected. For this reason, I also work together with women to create a healthy hormonal landscape.


Vagina Whisperer

Did you know that Holistic Pelvic Care™ Provider’s are sometimes referred to as Vagina Whisperers? This because we focus on assessing and restoring resonance in the pelvic bowl. Not by actually whispering vagina’s though. Emotions such as fear, anger and grief, when unexpressed can become 'stored' in the female body. With gentle bodywork we focus on restoring physical and emotional balance.





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One of the things I feel most passionate about in life, is helping women reconnect to the innate wisdom in their bodies. Many of the women I have met doing this work struggle with the same issues: fatigue, stress, feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and a general struggle trying to balance the demands of our daily life with our own needs of relaxation, connection and pleasure. 

When we are disconnected from our body, we cannot feel (let alone communicate) our boundaries. We cannot feel what nurtures us and when we need to recharge. Feeling our body is a key to becoming healthier and being able to experience a deep sense of wellbeing in our life.


During all my sessions with Annemarie, I felt held, safe and seen. Annemarie has an incredible ability to hold space for whatever presents itself in the moment, in the body as well as in the mind and emotions, and to let that be the guiding force in each session. She is both gentle and firm, which allowed me to feel very at ease during her sessions.