Welcome to our Wild Feminine book exploration!


This is the facebook post that started the Wild Feminine Book Exploration With Annemarie. You will find instructions to join below:


Dear ones,

Just this week two women told me they have Tami ’s book Wild Feminine, but somehow aren’t reaping the benefits of it. How about you?

- no time?
- language barrier?
- resistence?
- read but don’t do exercises?
- do the exercises but no one to share with?

As a Holistic Pelvic Care ™️ provider (trained by Tami) I would love for you to read and digest this book. I think there’s so much in there that can serve as a resource.
So what about going through it together?

I’ll guide us through it and share my own experiences and reflections. I have created an online space for us to share and exchange. It is a secret group on facebook.

Around the first of january I will start reading and start posting some video/audio/written material in the group.. 

I am not Tami, so it will be Annemarie-ish. I am totally sure I can contribute:

- to more connection
- to more pelvic presence
- to deeper understanding of the guidence that is found in the core
- to fun and meaningfull exchange.
- to you uncovering that untamed part of you

So far over a 100 women are joining! You can hop on, read in your own pace and enjoy/learn from/get inspired by the interaction. There’s no homework or schedule. There’s no pressure to post or keep up, only invitation. I will facilitate.

It will be free! 
If you’d like to be updated about my future on- and offline events, offers and goodies; sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page! But even that is optional. (Seriously, I should start sending newsletters but I am not at all good at that stuff. It is on my list to get that sorted in 2019!)

This exploration will be a total experiment. Who knows what can emerge from it?!

Wanna join?
please send me a private message on facebook that you like to be invited!
I cannot share a link to a secret group ;-)

A secret group offers more privacy than a closed group or a public group. Please check what that means if privacy is a big thing for you and you feel you need to know more.
I hope in the future to make the material available as a sweet little email module, but for now, it is only possible to participate on facebook.

Facebook just started with Social Learning Pages which allows me to organize content in ‘Units’. In the Units section you will find all the materials in the order of the chapters in the book. Nice huh?! Make sure you check your settings for notifications etc.

Read the ‘Minimal Common Sense Guidelines’ I made. Joining the group means you have read, understood and agreed to them. If there are any questions, contact me through the contactform on this website.


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  1. Use common sense about how to communicate with each other

    We all contribute to this group in our own way. Together we create an atmosphere of safety and openness. Let's use polite language. We can have healthy discussion of course, and keep it respectful and openhearted.

  2. Privacy Please!

    What we share is intimate and delicate. We need to be able to trust each other to keep everything private. What happens in this group stays in this group. If you want to share with others outside the group, share only about your own experience.

  3. Let’s allow for a lot of SPACE for every woman to be on her own path

    This also means we do not have to judge, coach, fix or teach. 
    If you’re a therapist, coach, teacher or care-taker…. you are invited to lay that task down. I will coach minimally if necessary.
    You’re welcome to share your insights, wonder, recognition, questions and support about your own process

  4. If you DO want advice, please specifically ask for it.

  5. I will DELETE any random images, quotes, video’s, articles or meme’s.

    Even the awesome ones. There is so much space for sharing stuff like that on fb and your own timeline. Lets keep this space available for sharing around the topic of the group specifically. And not dilute our attention.

  6. Thank you for keeping this the facebook space free of spam, promotions and advertisements

    I will delete them without question.
    To be clear upfront: at the end of the journey, I might post an offer for you of a relevant service that I provide. I grant myself that for the effort of hosting. You are free to accept or decline ofcourse. The intention of this group is not to promote myself.

  7. This will be organic, maybe a bit messy..thanks for flowing with me.

    I practice to hold this space in a way that may contribute to you, AND is light and relaxed to me too. Please help each other out with practical questions around facebook and technical stuff.

  8. Permission to quote?

    Many women choose not to be on facebook. I would love to turn the material into something that can be accessed by email too. I'd like to use short and anonymous quotes, to get a sense of connectedness to and inspiration from the women who are joining now. If you have a problem with this, let me know!

    If you like to invite other women, please link them to this page! They are welcome at any time, even after january. Let’s see how long this group will flow! Who knows?! We might read more books together or do other great things.

    Looking forward & much love,